Why Twitch is the Video Network to Watch for 2015

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Twitch, a streaming service for video game content, has grown tremendously over the past 12 months. Last year, Social Times reported on Twitch as an underrated site in the video market. Twitch recently released 2014 data which indicates the network has taken a place as a growing force to be reckoned with.

According to the report, Twitch receives 100 million unique viewers per month, who 16 billion minutes of content per month. In other words: that’s more than 266 million hours per month.

YouTube viewers watch 6 billion hours per month, so Twitch remains in YouTube’s shadow in that regard. Still, compared to last year, Twitch viewing time increased by 66 million hours per month. Twitch has also doubled its monthly viewers count, and almost doubled its total videos broadcast per month.

Throughout 2014 Twitch implemented more ways to stream content to the site, and more ways to watch. Streaming is now available from desktop systems, certain iOS apps, as well as both PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Viewers can watch content on any of the aforementioned devices, in addition to Android systems, and TV streaming services like Chromecast and FireTV.

Twitch also commissioned a study of the gamers [PDF] who use the platform, which provides some interesting demographic data. 72 percent of gamers use smartphones, compared to 50 percent of non-gamers. 61 percent of gamers use tablet, compared to 33 percent of non-gamers. Gamers also tend to have higher levels of employment and education, and are more likely to use their devices to both consume and create more online content than their non-gaming counterparts.

The continued growth of e-sports is also a contributing factor to Twitch’s growth, according to the report. In fact, its users raised more than $10.5 million during various charity livestreams like Games Done Quick and Desert Bus For Hope. The Twitch community is clearly very engaged with the site and with the wider community.

Ultimately, Twitch’s success over the past year can’t really be attributed to the Amazon acquisition, which took place in August 2014. The site audience has been growing at a solid rate, and as more viewers become cord cutters seeking alternative entertainment, Twitch is well poised to capture that market.

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