Twitter Launches Digits Mobile Phone Login for Web


Twitter has launched its Digits login for web, their new service that lets users sign in to third party apps with just their mobile phone number.

Digits was first unveiled at Twitter’s first mobile developer conference, Flight, which took place last October in San Francisco.

Engineer Manuel Deschamps has written about what to expect on the Twitter blog.

For those of you building mobile-first services, the best signup experience is likely to be through the native app. But you may also want your users to continue to engage with your apps on the web. Until now, there hasn’t been any phone-based login solution for the web, let alone a solution designed specifically with mobile developers in mind.

With Digits login for web, you can implement a simple and secure login on your app’s website with just a few lines of code. To help you preserve the mobile-first experience of your service, your users still sign up first through your mobile app, as they normally would, before they can log in to your site. But now, not only can Digits help you drive more downloads for your app, it also enables you to bring your mobile service onto the web — ensuring a consistent identity experience across platforms.

Digits has a three-part authorisation process. Users enter their mobile phone number to receive a confirmation code sent to their phones, which they enter to login to the website.

Once the code has been confirmed, Digits will remember you.

Passwords or other extra steps in the login process may reduce your website’s conversion rate. Digits login for web gives your users a powerful, single-log-in experience that also increases the conversion rate for your logins. Once a user has successfully authenticated via a website powered by Digits, Digits will intelligently omit SMS confirmation the next time the user logs into any other sites that are also powered by Digits. The result: users only have to log in on the web once to engage with all of your services as well as other apps in the ecosystem.

Digits is available now at by installing the Twitter Kit.

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