Shout: Share Content to Specific Locations on iOS


Spangle has launched its location-centric social app, Shout, on iOS devices, giving users the ability to “shout” pictures, questions and other content to locations near and far. Shouts can be tagged to manually chosen locations, or a user’s current location, and can be given a shout radius of as close as 25 feet, or as far as 25 miles. That is, once users choose the exact location for tagging their shout, they can determine how far away users can be to still see it.

When creating a new shout, users drag their finger around the map to highlight the proper shouting location, and can change the shout radius with a slider at the top of the screen. Since only shouts within “shouting distance” of each user will appear in their feed, the app encourages relevant communication and interaction between friends and strangers.

Shout features two content feeds: one for local shouts, and another for personal shouts. Users can browse and reply to shouts in their area and chat with other users, or post a “like” on their favorite content. Users can also share interesting shouts through email, text message or social networks.

Spangle is backed by notable investors, including Robert Wolf of 32 Advisors and Shane McMahon of You on Demand. The company has raised $2 million in seed funding, and has a college ambassador program of 75 university students in North America and Asia, who have worked to prepare their colleges for the launch of the app.

Shout is available for free on the iTunes App Store. It’s is similar to apps like uCiC, which also focuses on location-based messages between users.

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