Shorty Awards Nominations Open Until Feb. 19


You can also nominate individuals now, too. Pick your favorite news organization, celebrity or TV show on social media. My favorite category this year? Best Snapchatter:

The Snapchatter of the Year uses Snapchat unlike anyone else. They tell stories and brings you along for the ride every day. Whether they make you crack up on sight, take you to interesting places, or can draw in the Sistine Chapel with their fingertips, every snap is screenshot worthy.

It’s easy to nominate someone via Twitter, and in the true spirit of social media, you can even mess around with the categories by changing the hashtag.

  • From or on Twitter, send a tweet like this: I nominate @username for a Shorty Award in #category because … [ADD REASON HERE].
  • You can nominate anyone who has a Twitter account for a Shorty Award, which recognizes everything they do on other social networks, too.
  • Be creative with the reason. A tweet without a reason will not count.
  • Vote in one of the official categories or make up your own community category by editing the category hashtag.
  • You can nominate specific content rather than an account in several categories like Newsworthy Photo of the Year. For those, send a tweet like this: I nominate [INSERT URL] for a Shorty Award in #category because … [ADD REASON].

You can brush up on the long version of the rules here.

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