Review Coworkers On Quiply (And Read Your Reviews Too)


A new service gives an anonymous voice to those who want to announce their admiration for fellow employees and industry leaders on a public stage, while masking their own true identities. It’s like Glassdoor for regular folk.

And yes, it also works for anonymous criticisms too.

David Payne is the CEO and co-founder of Quiply, a brand new service that provides a public platform for people who wish to openly offer accolades about other folks in their fields whom they respect and wish to support (or sound off about) – and unlike Linkedin, the most popular site for professional networking, you can sing these praises with total anonymity.

But why would you even want to remain anonymous in this context? Do you sing off-key or something?

Payne explained, identifying their base as professionals who care about their workplace and want to help through providing feedback:

In our discussions with people we have found they want anonymity in order to be comfortable providing authentic feedback. We believe people with opinions are not just disgruntled employees.

Seeing visions of slamming that last supervisor dance in your head? Not so fast: The only real guidelines for Quiply users, besides remaining anonymous, is that they may not exploit the forum to abuse others like typical Internet trolls. The comments are carefully monitored, but not censored, as long as one is respectful and provides constructive feedback.

But wait! It’s anonymous and no one, not even the folks at Quiply, are privy to the identity of any single user — so how can they stop you?

Simple: There’s a “secret token” attached to each user, which tracks their posts and deletes them if and when they overstep boundaries.

Worried you’ll get a bad review and thinking you’ll just avoid the site all together? Good luck! There’s an automatic opt-in function, meaning you’re there once someone connected to you uploads their LinkedIn connections (apologies to my LinkedIn connections!).

What if someone doesn’t want to be the target of publicly posted comments, positive or otherwise? It’s like tagging someone on Facebook who’d prefer to remain private, right?

Payne said in response to this concern:

Quiply is a platform for people to share their opinions, and our users own the content they post. So unless the content is deemed inappropriate, we don’t think it’s for us to limit what they say. People are able to post anonymous rebuttals to comments they are unhappy with.

Hmm. So apparently it cuts both ways. Fair enough. But still, “anonymous” responses to particular comments will probably be attributed to the subject by anyone else reading them. Basically, the open targets of the comments are apparently treated like celebrities or public figures on Quiply. The price of fame, perhaps? Or simply being good at what you do, and having to sit back and let people you may not even know personally slap you on the back with a smile (or with a knife).

In any case, the users themselves are reportedly enjoying their freedom of expression in this anonymous forum.

But can anyone review anyone else? Even people they aren’t connected to on LinkedIn and potentially don’t know all that well?

Payne discussed this:

People will be providing feedback mostly on those they are connected with on LinkedIn. But many of us have work experience and relationships with folks we’re not connected with on LI. The benefits of enabling users to provide feedback on people they know well, but may not be LI connected with, is something we think is the right approach for Quiply. We are trusting our users until we see a reason not to.

But can a platform with such open parameters thrive in a cyber-world dominated by hacks and trolls?

Thus far, everyone is playing nice on Quiply, according to Payne:

The feedback and comments we are seeing in quiply so far are constructive and positive, and we believe we’re filling a valuable need that’s missing in today’s workplace.

Or they might turn into an for adults. Time will tell!

Have you been reviewed on Quiply? There’s only one way to find out!

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