Mobile Game Roundup: Radiation Island, LuckyPop and More


Radiation Island ($2.99 on iOS) — In this open-world survival adventure from Atypical Games, players find themselves stranded in an alternate reality, challenged with collecting anything they can to survive. Players will solve the island’s puzzles, and can explore seemingly abandoned villages and old military compounds while fighting off zombies and other enemies. Players can hunt or gather fruit to prevent starvation, will craft weapons and tools, and even have access to basic vehicles for easier transportation around the island. The download price of $2.99 is in celebration of the game’s launch, but this will increase to $4.99 at some point in the future.

Epic Racers ($1.99 on iOS) — This underwater racing game from Ukranian developer, Playfo, gives players an upgradeable submarine, and challenges them to win races against 25 AI-controlled opponents. As players complete races, they’ll earn gold used to upgrade their submarine with better armor, greater speed and more. Players receive additional free gold by completing in-game achievements and daily quests.

Jolly Join (Free on iOS) — Imperia Online’s level-based puzzle title is similar to games like Dots or Flow Free, as players are challenged with connecting alien creatures of the same color by drawing lines between them. Players can only create lines with up-to three straight segments and two turns, and additional challenge comes from level timers or move limits on some stages.

Exit Strategy (Free on iOS) — This puzzle title from Chillingo challenges players to help an orb reach each level’s exit using portals. Players swipe on a cube to create an entry portal, and swipe again to create an exit portal for the orb, making sure to avoid any obstacles in the path to the exit. As levels become more complicated, players will need to watch out for lasers and moving pieces, or collect stars before actually reaching the exit. While players can retry stages as many times as necessary, a power-up system allows them to progress more quickly by removing obstacles, slowing down the orb’s movement and more.

Top Eleven 2015 (Free on iOS, Android) — Nordeus has released the latest version of its football (soccer) management app on mobile. The game allows players to manage their own football club, controlling multiple aspects of its development, from their players’ tactics and transfers to club finances, stadium expansions and more. Various improvements are available in this newest version of the game, from new animations and 3D environments to a more difficult transfer negotiation system and faster team training and player selection.

Endless Balance (Free on iOS) — Tapinator’s newest game is a sequel to 2014’s Balance of the Shaolin. Endless Balance challenges players to remain balanced on top of a tree as it grows endlessly toward the sky, with balance being maintained by tapping and/or holding on either side of the screen to lean. Obstacles, like bees, will appear on the screen at times, so players may need to tap with both fingers to jump over them, still without falling. Players can unlock multiple characters for play, including ninjas, a superhero and an astronaut. Additional characters, obstacles and power-ups will be added in future updates.

LuckyPop (Free on iOS) — The latest game from SongPop creator, FreshPlanet, LuckyPop is a “clicker” title which encourages players to rapidly tap on a button to collect a currency called Luck. Players can spend Luck on gifts to send to their friends, which increase the other players’ passive Luck production. Players can receive their own gifts from friends, and will receive the occasional item from Botty, an AI friend, or from bonuses appearing on the screen every few moments. The ultimate goal of the game is to collect one of every gift, wonder and challenge item in the game, which is easier said than done. LuckyPop is also available to play for free on Facebook and Android.

Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect ($1.99 on iOS) — Orpheus Interactive, in partnership with Fox Digital Entertainment, has released the first episode (of ten) in this narrative-driven adventure game. The game stars new and familiar characters from the Sons of Anarchy television series, with this first episode setting the groundwork for the rest of the series. The game is described as offering content perfect for both diehard fans of the franchise, as well as newcomers. The game will be released separately on PC, Mac and Android later this year.

Pro Pinball (Free on iOS) — Barnstorm’s mobile pinball game is based on the classic Pro Pinball series from the nineties, and features one free table to start: Timeshock! Players can play on the table for free until they hit 30 million points in a single player game. Standard and Deluxe versions of the game are available for $2.99 and $6.99, respectively, and introduce additional functionality, including an Operator’s Menu and a Glass-Off Mode, both in the Deluxe edition of the game.

Yet It Moves ($2.99 on iOS) — This 2D puzzle platformer from DeNA and Broken Rules is based on the award-winning PC and Wii game, “And Yet It Moves.” In the game, players tilt the world around them, turning walls into floors in order to navigate each pathway. As players tilt the world, they may trigger the release of obstacles, like ordinary rocks which suddenly become projectiles. Players need to safely navigate each set of pathways to reach an exit point before moving onto the next stage. In addition to the level-based mode, players can compete for high scores in a different level each day in the “Daily Run” mode.

Ninja Strike (Free on iOS) — Ninja Strike is the second title in Natsume’s “Ninja” series, following the release of Ninja Climb in 2013. The game is an endless runner, which sees players running from left to right across the screen, tapping on a jump button to jump over enemies and obstacles. Players can double jump over tall obstacles, and tap and hold on the jump button to glide over long distances. Players collect currency as they run, which can be spent on upgrades for the player. A premium currency system allows players to purchase additional runners.

Epic War TD 2 ($2.99 on Android) — AMT Games’ sequel to Epic War TD has been in development for more than two years, with this newest title challenging players to complete 50 missions while fighting against 44 types of enemies. The tower defense game gives players access to nine types of regular towers and four mega towers. Once players purchase the game, they receive access to everything, with no in-app purchases or paywalls blocking player’s advancement. The $2.99 price is a special launch promotion, and will increase in the future.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 (Free on iOS) — This companion app to the console title Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes allows players to create their own worlds and games starring over 60 characters from the Marvel and Disney universes. In the app, players can try a rotating selection of three characters for free at any one time. For console/PC players, users can access their existing Toy Boxes (worlds) within the mobile app, continuing where they left off on any platform. Users can input the web code cards from their physical Disney Infinity figures to bring those characters to life within the iOS game.

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