Is Snapchat Growing Faster Than Instagram? (Infographic)


Despite some rocky patches during its first few years, Snapchat has emerged as a fixture in social media, and it’s on the verge of going mainstream. While growth on more established network Instagram has slowed, Snapchat seems to be growing stronger every day. According to an infographic from analytics provider Jumpshot, the reduced use of the former might be connected to the growth of the latter.

Snapchat is already attracting 25 percent more new users worldwide than Instagram, and in the U.S., U.K., Brazil, France and Germany, Snapchat is growing between 63 percent and 76 percent. However, Instagram attracts more “tier two” countries–those that are a lower priority for advertisers–and outperforms Snapchat significantly in those countries.

Since a large update earlier this year, Snapchat seems to be on a level playing field with Instagram in the U.K., but the younger network now has a 3 percent growth advantage in the the U.S. Interestingly, this growth has been among non-millennial users, who seemed reluctant to join Snapchat until recently.

Both platforms are experiencing a demographic shift. In January, Instagram captured 59 percent and 68 percent of American and British women signups, respectively, and as of April, Snapchat had a 3 percent and 5 percent lead, respectively.

It seems like Snapchat’s strategies have paid off, and it looks like mainstream adoption has now been firmly cemented. If Snapchat can pass Twitter in daily active users and capture more growth than Instagram, then it may be unstoppable.

View the infographic below for more information.


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