How to Crowd-Publish Your Content Without Asking for Money


When it comes to creating fresh, detailed content, and sharing in-depth insights, there’s no better place to look than news stories. You’ll discover dozens of examples where the writer takes the reader on an epic journey, sharing the stories of others in a focused way.

For instance, check out Yael Grauer’s article on Copyblogger about simplifying complex content. She writes with her own voice and style but uses the expertise and stories of others to add more insight.

When writing books and long-form articles, this is my preferred approach. However, you can apply the same methods when creating podcasts and videos.

2. The list approach

Here’s the easiest and quickest way to share many expert opinions in a single piece of content.

A well-written list post is invaluable.

In today’s short-attention-span world, scannable content is necessary. And it’s not just your audience who benefits, either; writing a list post also simplifies the contribution process for your collaborators.

They’re able to reply within an email, offer a few quotes, and get on with their days. No jumping on Skype. No interview. You get everything you need, with little fuss or mess.

3. The one-on-one approach

Popular with podcasts and videos, the one-on-one approach builds relationships.

A 30-minute Skype conversation with someone helps develop a meaningful friendship. This is the approach I took with The Successful Mistake, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has also led to my own podcast.

Of course, the value isn’t only the podcasts and videos. Andrew Warner transcribes his interviews (like this one with Brian Clark), and The Paris Review shares their famed interviews with writers and artists in written form.

Whichever approach you take, and whether you create a blog post, podcast, ebook, or video, have fun and mark it with your own style.

Step #3: Make your content easy to share

Have you ever written a blog post you love — one you spent hours carefully crafting — only to watch it dwindle away with little engagement? I have. Plenty of times. It hurts, doesn’t it?

This is where you’ll experience the true power of the crowd, because when you co-create with your crowd, they become invested in your content, as well.

Once you’ve already formed connections with influencers, and they’ve helped turn your good content into great content, make sure you offer them as much value as possible when they land on your site to check out your creation.

Create a specific landing page with a relevant, useful download that helps your audience along their own journeys, and provide additional ways to consume your content — perhaps an audio version of your blog post or a transcript of your podcast.

Remember, you want to grow and develop your own crowd, so when visitors stop by to see what you’re doing, seduce the heck out of them.

Bonus tip: expect nothing

I know I stated this point earlier, but it’s important. The people you reach out to have been where you are. They get it. They understand. They want to help.

However, they have a finite amount of patience, and the moment you start expecting or demanding something from them is the moment they get turned off.

Reach out, ask for a favor in a simple way, but never, ever, under any circumstance, act like they owe you something. They don’t.

Your crowd awaits

Ready to crowd-publish a new piece of content? I encourage you to do so right now. In fact, I challenge you to:

  1. Think of a new idea that includes others.
  2. Create a list of 10 people you’d like to connect with or interview.
  3. Email them, possibly picking up some pointers from the email template I made for Copyblogger readers (see below).

In a bid to practice what I preach, I’ve created a special download page for Copyblogger readers that includes my email template, an audio version — fresh from my Yorkshire lips — of this post, and a PDF of the tools I’ve used to connect with more than 150 influential folks. 

And let’s discuss your first step toward crowd-publishing a new piece of content over on LinkedIn

Flickr Creative Commons Image via Garrett Coakley.

About the Author: Matthew Turner (a.k.a. Turndog) is an author, brand storyteller, and speaker who helps forward-thinking businesses share their unique stories. Currently working on The Successful Mistake, he has interviewed 163 successful and inspiring entrepreneurs. You too can join this adventure.

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