How Beyond the Rack’s Return on Facebook Ad Spend Exploded


According to Kenshoo and Bright Forest Media, Beyond the Rack sought to use Facebook ads to acquire more customers, at the best possible cost per acquisition, while improving its ROAS at the same time, so the agency tapped the predictive marketing software company and Facebook SPMD to streamline the creation and management of new campaigns, including daily ad creative rotations, while also managing, tracking and optimizing dozens of campaigns simultaneously.

Did it work? Beyond the Rack’s ROAS jumped from 28 percent to more than 86 percent over a 60-day period, including one month during which it nearly tripled, while the company saw its CPA remain within its target range.

Beyond the Rack director of marketing and business development Richard Cohene said in a release announcing the results:

Our flash-sale events offer some of the greatest deals available on designer-brand merchandise, but as the name implies, these sales are for a limited time only. We turned to Bright Forest Media’s amazing team to ensure that our ad campaigns targeted the right audiences at the right times so customers could take advantage of our offers. With Kenshoo’s help, Bright Forrest delivered big-time.

Bright Forest Media principal and co-founder Blake Epstein added:

With any social advertising campaign it’s critical to focus on audience targeting and timing to ensure relevancy for consumers, but given the unique nature of Beyond the Rack’s flash-sale offers, those parameters get amplified. Kenshoo’s industry-leading software and intuitive workflow allowed us to create, manage and optimize campaigns quickly and efficiently to maintain Beyond the Rack’s pace while improving campaign success.

And Kenshoo managing director, Americas Gary Nafus said:

Kenshoo’s focus has always been on delivering the best solutions for marketers. When a talented team like Bright Forest Media can deliver impressive results on challenging campaigns using Kenshoo software, we know we succeeded. Kenshoo is committed to delivering advanced solutions for all forms of digital campaign management to empower our partners like Bright Forest Media and Beyond the Rack to continue to exceed their goals.

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