Email Marketing – Part Two

The simplicity and effectiveness of a persuasive email campaign

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The backbone of any great email (or content marketing) campaign is built on the framework of persuasion, a la Aristotle, and developed over thousands of years.
10 Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques that can easily be applied to persuasive email campaigns today …
Repetition: Repeat but don’t be repetitive. Make your point in several ways (a well-known strategy of rhetoric).
State reasons why: The psychology of because primes your audience for action.

Consistency: Right in line with the ethos of establishing your integrity online. Show up and be useful!
Social Proof: The driving nature of acceptance and belonging.
Comparisons: Metaphors, similes, and analogies that relate to things generally accepted as true.
Agitate and solve: Describe the problem, then offer a solution. Classic Marketing 101.
Prognosticate: Give a glimpse of the future based on solid evidence.
Go tribal: Seth Godin’s school of giving someone an exclusive opportunity to be a part of something great.
Address objections: Rhetoric 101: Do your research so you know your audience’s objections before they do.
Storytelling: The easiest way to sell anything is to tell a great story.

In his study of modern rhetoric, Words Like Loaded Pistols, Sam Leith reminds us:

“We exchange information because it is either useful or delightful, because it does something for us … language happens because humans are desire machines, and what knots desire and language is rhetoric.”

Source: Email Marketing: How To Push Send And Grow Your Business


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