AppsFlyer: Average Global Paying User Spends $9.60 Per Month, Per App


Mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform AppsFlyer released its latest State of In-App Spending report, which measured the in-app purchase activity of over 100 million users across over 1,000 apps (that have in-app purchase activity) from April to May 2016.

For this report, in-app purchases were defined as any transactions performed within apps. As examples, this includes the purchase of virtual goods in a gaming app, as well as the purchase of a flight in a travel app.

The report showed the average global paying user spends $9.60 per month, per app, which is 20 times more than the average user (a combination of both paying and non-paying users).

Breaking in-app spending down between iOS and Android, AppsFlyer found iOS users spend almost 2.5 times more than Android users on in-app purchases. In addition, the report showed the average purchase value on iOS was $12.77, while the average purchase value on Android was $6.19. Finally, the percentage of users who make in-app purchases on iOS was found to be 50 percent higher than on Android.

Overall, AppsFlyer found the average global user spends $0.50 per month, per app with purchase activity. In terms of specific regions, the report showed Asian users account for the highest average spending, at $0.70 per month, per app. North American users came in second for average spending, at $0.61 per month, per app.

For games specifically, AppsFlyer found only about 3.5 percent of gamers spend money within gaming apps. These spending gamers reportedly spend 30 times more than the average gamer (paying and non-paying gamers combined), at $9.39 per month, per gaming app, versus $0.32 per month, per gaming app for the average gamer.

AppsFlyer’s full report is available here.

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