An update on Promoted Pins


Last year, we started experimenting with Promoted Pins on Pinterest. Since then, a growing group of businesses in the U.S. have been paying to give their Pins more visibility in search results and category feeds. Now, we’re testing ads in different places, including the home feed, for U.S. Pinners.

Your home feed is the first thing you see when you come to Pinterest, so we want to make sure you’re always welcomed with Pins that are beautiful, relevant and tasteful—and that includes Promoted Pins. Of course, if you don’t like a Promoted Pin, you can always hide it from your feed and tell us why you didn’t like it. We’ll use your feedback to improve what you see in the future.

Promoted Pins are just like regular Pins—the only difference is that a business paid to have more people see it. These Pins will always be labeled “Promoted” so they’re easy to spot. We’ve seen Pinners save Promoted Pins to their boards of wish lists, inspirations and interests—just like other Pins they discover. Recently, I was looking to redo my bedroom, and I found a rug in the Home Décor
category on Pinterest that’s just my style. It happened to be a Promoted Pin from Target. That’s exactly what we’re hoping Promoted Pins can be: one more way to discover and save creative ideas, connecting you to businesses that’ll help you make your plans a reality.

We want to make sure Pinterest is a service that’s here to stay for all of us, and advertising helps us ensure that happens. As always, we’re listening to any feedback you have about how Pinterest is doing, so let us know what you think.

—Annie Ta, Product manager, currently Pinning to Dream Home.

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