5 Tips Toward Successful Social Promotions

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Amazly offered more details on the five items included in its checklist:

  • Post it to Facebook and make it sticky: Posting to Facebook is great, but did you know that you can have a featured post sit right at the top of your wall? After posting your promo to your Facebook page, select “Pin to Top” from the top right of the post. It will stay at the top of your wall as the first thing people see when visiting your Facebook page.
  • Post it with appropriate image sizes for each social network: Not all pretty images are created equal. What’s perfect for Pinterest doesn’t work at all for Twitter or Facebook, especially if there’s text on it. Create captivating images that are the right size for each social network. An easy way to do this is by using a free tool like Canva, which has predefined sizes and layout templates for most social networks. Then use each image accordingly when posting your promo to social networks.
  • Test different headlines on Twitter and Facebook: Don’t just post once — post often! Don’t assume that every fan or follower will see your promo just because you posted it once. You’ll have much better results if you post at different times and with different headlines so you can see which methods perform best. This works best with Facebook and Twitter, not so great with others. Just remember to post other useful content in between so you’re not overloading your social stream with promotional content, which can appear spammy.
  • Take full advantage of your promo embed code: Did you know that every promo you create comes with an embed code so you can literally place it anywhere online? Think beyond posting to your own website. Are there other blogs, websites or services that could benefit from mentioning your promotion to their audience? If so, shoot them a message outlining the benefits that your promotion can offer their audience and include your embed code for them to post to their site. Instant promo growth
  • Try the Amazly Boost add-on (coming soon!): If you’ve never tried paid social advertising, then you should know it can make a huge impact on how many people you reach with your promotion. The only setback is that it can be difficult to figure out all of the intricacies of how to do it, and that’s where our Boost add-on comes in handy. We’ll promote your promotion for you on Facebook, Pinterest and even mobile display. You can just sit back and enjoy all of the leads coming your way. Keep an eye out for this one — it will be launching very soon!
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