Why Too Much Emotional Appeal in Your Copy Can Harm Your Credibility

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When you avoid overstating problems or the mindsets associated with them, you can still discuss worst-case scenarios if they provide value for your audience.

However, make sure to temper dramatic extremes with moderate cases.

For example, you can include a case study featuring a client who only needed a little bit of help alongside a case study of a person whose life was completely changed because his situation was so dire.

If you offer multiple levels of services, writing about different scenarios that appeal to different types of readers is a no-brainer.

2. Improve your offer

Make sure you’re completely confident about your offer. Adjust it or even start over until you’re sure you’ve created a special presentation.

If you have your finger on the pulse and consistently adapt to address your audience’s changing needs, you won’t need to rely on emotional manipulation or hype.

3. Get to know your audience and figure out their problems

The more you tap into your readers’ experiences, the more you can produce smart solutions to their problems in your content, products, and services.

If you truly address their issues, you won’t need to manufacture extremes to remind your readers how much easier their lives would be if their problems were alleviated with your solutions. They’ll already know.

Your turn

When you create content, what steps do you take to thoroughly understand your readers’ experiences?

And how do you make a deep connection with your audience without exploiting their emotions?

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