What Makes me Click: 4 Tips for Creating Scrolling Emails

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By Jerica Reddig, Listrak Marketing Intern 

Today we present this season’s last blog post from Marketing Intern Extraordinaire Jerica. We have enjoyed her lending us her fresh perspective on the consumer’s take on what’s in her inbox and hope you have, too! Join us in wishing her the best for this coming school year. We hope to see her back in our offices – and on our blog – again soon! 

“Above the fold” is a phrase that originated in the newspaper industry and refers to the space that is above the crease in a newspaper. The principle – to put all important content “above the fold” because that’s what consumers will scan to see if it’s worth buying – has been used for years. Yet with social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, users are forced to scroll down for more content, which means it’s okay – and sometimes preferable – to send scrolling emails. Well, as long as you follow these four guidelines:

Large, Interesting Pictures

In order to keep your readers’ attention – and keep them scrolling –your email should mainly consist of pictures, which is why this format is great for flaunting new arrivals or sale items. Just be sure that your pictures are large enough that the reader doesn’t have to squint to see. You may laugh, but I’ve gotten multiple emails that I’ve deleted before reading, because the pictures are too small, and I can’t make out the details.

Minimal Text

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the first tip. Scrolling emails are like mini-shopping trips for your subscribers. They want to scan your products and continue scrolling, not have to stop constantly to read the text below each item. Show them your products; don’t tell.

Similarity of Products

Choose an overall theme for your email that unifies the products displayed. This could be interpreted in numerous ways. You could display all shirts or pants, items of the same color pallet, or even items that have a Victorian look. Either way, your reader won’t have to switch gears with each scroll down.

Breaks Between Groupings 

Just like when reading a book or a news article, people get lost and unmotivated by large chunks of text. In this case, the text is your pictures. Give your readers an opportunity to take a break and absorb the previous information, like they would at the end of a paragraph. Have one overall theme (see Tip 3), but also have mini groups below that. Your theme could be shirts, but you could have three groups based on pattern (tropical, pastel, and neon), or your theme could be color and you could group by shirts, purses and pants.

Let’s take a look at the queen of scroll-through emails, Etsy. 

The subject line, The Grass Is Greener, clearly implies that the theme is green/nature. However, products are organized by August birthstone jewelry (Peridot, which is green), back to school items and August baby items. The pictures are large and interesting, with one sentence being the most amount of text. Overall, the email is intriguing, engaging, and honestly leaves me wanting to see more.

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