What Makes A Bad Business Presentation [VIDEO]

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Knowing how to give a good presentation seems obvious, right? We all have the intentions to create and give great presentations, and sometimes we do just that. Other times a variety of factors can stop us from presenting the information the way we had hoped. The video below illustrates those little details that we sometimes overlook when planning, and especially while we are speaking. With the overwhelming possibilities that presentations now have within the realm of content marketing (hint: Slideshare is huge), crafting a great presentation is key to attaining and retaining business.


What makes a bad business presentation? Hi, meet Gary. Yesterday, Gary gave a big presentation making some crucial mistakes. Let’s check out the highlights.

Test it Out

Gary didn’t test out his presentation and equipment beforehand. Testing the presentation assures that the audience can read the slides and technical difficulties won’t interrupt his train of thought. He should make sure his slides can be read from the back row.

Set Up Agenda

Right off the bat, Gary could have set up an agenda. This would keep him better organized and prepare the audience for what’s in store so they can better absorb his presentation.

Know Your Audience

Every audience has a different knowledge level. Gary should customize the presentation in order to give them the best information. He could do this by asking questions at the beginning and then basing the presentation on those results.

Have Simple Design

Look at this crazy looking presentation. Gary could utilize some new programs for making charts and interesting graphics. It doesn’t have to look like a boring PowerPoint.


Gary obviously didn’t practice his presentation enough. He should prepare for the unexpected. If something unpredictable happens, he should have his presentation memorized.

Have Good Posture

Body language is important. Studies show that good posture can increase confidence.

Tell a Story

Gary needs to tell a story. Making eye contact draws the audience in, and he needs to include one to two critical points per slide, then expand on them verbally. If he shows passion, the audience will respond in a good way.

Engage Your Audience

The audience looks bored. He really needs to ask them questions or get them to participate. He could even use a transition to reengage them or spark a discussion with phrases like, “I would also urge you to..” or “this is important because…”

Don’t Be Salesy

And he shouldn’t be salesy. No one wants to sit through a sales pitch or gimmick. The audience will not remember him for selling his brand, but for teaching them something they didn’t know before.

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