Warner Bros. Unleashes WWE Immortals on iOS, Android

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WWE have announced the release of WWE Immortals on iOS and Android devices. Developed by NetherRealm, the fighting game was built on the same engine as the developer’s Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile title, and plays in a similar fashion. In WWE Immortals, users recruit their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas, taking them into three-on-three battles against computer-controlled enemies or other players.

WWE Immortals features the story of the Dark Lantern, which has opened a portal to different universes, where WWE Superstars and Divas exist as mages, warriors and other fantastical creatures. Roman Reigns, for instance, is a Centurion, while Nikki Bella is a Pyromancer. Big Show, as the “World’s Largest Athlete,” is a Giant, while John Cena is a superhero, and so on. There are multiple versions of some Superstars and Divas, as Nikki Bella is also available as a “Solar Assassin,” for instance.

Gamers start with three characters, but can add to their team by purchasing new characters in the game’s store. Currency is earned by completing matches, or users can purchase additional currency with real money.

“Casual players will be able to pick up WWE Immortals and have a lot of fun with the fighting game right from the start. As players progress through the ladders and join the online multiplayer tournaments, there will be a lot of opportunity to dive deeper into the strategy of the game and craft your personal favorite team,” Fuzzy Gerdes, producer at NetherRealm, tells us.

During each battle, players tap or swipe on the screen to trigger light or heavy attacks, respectively. As they deal or take damage, a character’s Adrenaline, or special attacks bar, charges in the corner of the screen. These special attacks are inspired by the real-life Signature moves of each competitor. Paige, for instance, can unleash the Rampaige or Paige Turner on her opponents.

These Signature moves were “motion captured by professional wrestling motion capture artists,” says Gerdes, with characters designed as “amplified versions of the WWE Superstars and Divas we all know and love.”

The special attacks bar is split into three sections, relating to three different attacks. Tapping a section of the bar triggers the corresponding attack, and asks players to complete a mini-game, which might see them tapping or swiping on the screen as quickly as they can (as examples) to deal bonus damage to their opponent.

Players can swap between three active fighters in each battle, and must eliminate all three members of the opposing team in order to claim victory. At the end of each match, these fighters gain experience points and will eventually level-up, which increases their stats.

Gamers looking for more strategy will find it in the game’s chemistry system, which allows them to create teams of Allies or Rivals to alter their stats. Ally characters work well together, and receive a health and power boost. Rivals, meanwhile, have a weakened defense, but generate Adrenaline at a faster rate, allowing for more Signature attacks. Gerdes says using Rivals is “a riskier strategy, but one that might be popular with aggressive players.”

In addition, users can manually upgrade the moves of each individual fighter, with the full selection of moves unlocking as they level up. Gear and Talent cards are also available, which can boost the stats of particular fighters. Gamers can purchase some of these items in the store, or can earn them for free by competing in multiplayer tournaments.

Going forward, Gerdes says WWE Immortals will be updated with new Superstars and Divas, as well as “a number of other exciting features.”

WWE Immortals is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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