uCiC: Receive Visual Answers to Everyday Questions on Mobile

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Toronto-based startup Snapwise officially launched its visual question-and-answer application, uCiC (You See I See), on iOS and Android devices. The app aims to help users receive responses to questions best answered via images or videos posted by other users. With the app, users can post questions to any specific location in the world and receive answers from users in that location, whether they know them or not.

Possible usage scenarios include asking about the weather in a future travel location, or viewing the crowd at a popular restaurant or attraction. When posting a question, users search by ZIP code, landmark or attraction, and they can view all uCiC users in the area. When users post questions, they incentivize answers by giving out “Karma Points,” the app’s currency.

All users receive 50 Karma Points when they download the app, and they can offer 10 to 50 points per question, depending on how urgently they’d like a response. After posting a question, any users in the area of the request will receive a notification, prompting them to help the other user by sending a picture or video addressing the question.

Once a request has been made, it remains active for 60 minutes, ensuring that users receive responses when they matter, and not days or weeks after the fact. Since the app focuses on a user’s real-time geographical location, privacy settings are available, which allow users to block their location visibility entirely or only share their location with friends.

uCiC is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. At the recent Mobile Apps Showdown during CES, uCiC won the award for “Best Mobile App,” both in online voting and at the live event (in a tie for first place).

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