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Designer Tyler Goodro has an eye for design. In fact, his passion for mid-century modern and contemporary design is what gave life to his blog Plastolux, which has now become a hub for architecture, furniture, art and DIY restoration projects. Finding pleasure in quality and simplicity, Tyler teams up with craftsmen in bringing fallen pieces to life. Today, as a husband and father of three, see how Tyler balances design in his active household and also find inspiration for his next projects with Pinterest.

Can you give us a quick background on yourself and how you found your passion in contemporary design? Did you always have an eye for design growing up?

I went to school for graphic design which was the catalyst for my fondness/obsession of Contemporary and Mid Century design. My first introduction to modern design was in college. I needed a cheap desk and went to the closest thrift store and bought a $29 desk, I just liked the simple clean lines. The desk was designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller, after researching these two names, the obsession began. Growing up, I was always messing with something. Taking things apart, changing the color and “making them better or unique”. I remember in grade school, anytime we would have a creative task or art project I always had to take my project one step further.

What catches your attention when it comes to architecture and home design?

I have always felt it harder to create something with a modern aesthetic. Modern is stripped down, almost exposed, any mistake or wrong calculation can standout in the worst way. With home design and architecture, the same principle applies. I love very geometric structures using natural honest materials (as I write this from my vinyl sided tract home…good grief). Repetitive monochromatic texture is always a plus for me. Horizontal stacked brick, vertical slatted wood or textured concrete can create visual separation or blocks of color. I am also very enthralled with the Modernist movement from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You call yourself a true DIY person. What types of designs do you like bringing to life, either from restoration or from scratch?

I am always sketching new ideas, mostly furniture. Plastolux has led me to partner with some very talented craftsman. Matt Eastvold has helped me bring some of my designs to fruition. The Goodro Credenza was a collaboration between Matt and I and the Plastolux cube side table was one of my designs. Sometimes I feel like some furniture being produced today is of lower quality, almost like they want it to have a short life so “we” have to buy more. It is very rewarding to restore a piece of furniture that may have been tossed out or continued to be abused by someones dog or cat.

How did the idea for your website, Plastolux come about?

Most every day I would spend an hour or so looking at modern architecture, furniture and graphic design. I found myself shooting links to friends with “check this out” in the subject line. One day a friend of mine said; “Stop sending me all these links, start a blog”. Coincidentally, we had just purchased a unique house that we were making some changes to and I was able to really use my blog as a showcase for that as well. At the end of 2007 was the year I started Plastolux.

You are a husband and a father of three. What challenges do you have raising a family and trying to balance design in the home, especially in an active house like yours?

I am an avid mid century modern collector, continually scouring Craigslist and eBay for deals. I find that we have to strike a balance with new and used furniture and furniture is meant to be used. In the family room and higher traffic areas we tend to keep newer pieces in use. In the master bedroom and my den are some pieces that should have “don’t touch” tags on them. My two year old thinks it is his job to perform durability tests on everything in the house. My twelve and nine year old have grown to appreciate my habits as I share with them the origins, material and designer of a piece.

Your “Interiors” board has over 1.5k Pins with various styles, tones, and moods. How does Pinterest play in your discovery process?

There are a lot of people with the same likes and dislikes on Pinterest as myself. I have found it a great way to discover new designers, identify vintage pieces and follow other “obsessed” people. I like the way Pinterest is “tiled”, it gives me opportunity to scan quickly, sort of like when I am in a thrift store scanning for a little MCM.

The modern aesthetic isn’t just applicable to architecture, furniture and art but that is what I focus on with Plastolux. Pinterest allows me to “collect” other interests that encompass modern traits such as fashion, automotive and graphic design. Pinterest also allows me to categorize more specifics like sculpture, stairs and kitchens. I use Pinterest as another way to share my discoveries. I feel like people are consuming information differently now, they are utilizing social medias more and more. Pinterest is an important extension of the Plastolux blog.

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We caught your “mid century modern” boards. What part of this era plays such a vital role for you?

I might be able to write a novel here but I will keep it short and sweet. The mid century or modernist movement involved people that were pioneers in exploring new materials and simplified structures. It wasn’t just architecture, this aesthetic or ideology was be explored in just about every aspect of life. These designers and thinks paved that way for contemporary design today. Reaching into the past, every good idea and design was sparked by a previous.

If you could add one dream design element, piece of furniture, or any other object to your home, what would it be? Or have you already found it?

I actually have a mental list which has some check marks but I am still in search for a couple of items. The Arne Norell, Ari lounge chair and ottoman or The P40 Lounge Chair by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno. A pair of either of those would be stellar.

Thanks Tyler for giving us a quick insight into the design and architecture world. If you want to see what Tyler is designing or building next, visit his website and Pinterest boards!

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