'Tis the Season to Begin Holiday Planning!

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This marks the first of what will be an on-going series of Holiday 2014 blog posts designed to help you make the most of the holiday season.

We have also launched our 2014 Holiday Tool Kit and suggest that you check back often, as we will continue to add to our list of resources – including helpful holiday-themed webinars, whitepapers, articles, blog posts and more – throughout the planning season.

Today, we are also pleased to introduce you to our new intern, Jerica, who will be a regular contributor of holiday-themed posts. Jerica will be analyzing hundreds of holiday emails and providing valuable observations from a shopper’s point of view. Enjoy!

5 Kinds of Subject Lines That’ll Improve Your Holiday Open Rates

During the holidays, your customers are not only getting more promotional emails from you, but from your competitors as well. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are five techniques to help you do just that:

The Shocker Technique

Have you noticed how PG13 horror movies seem more like R rated horror movies nowadays? That’s because people grew immune to the normal blood and guts, and needed more realistic effects and innovative plot twists in order to be scared again. Your customers are the same way. 20% off? Psh, that’s nothing!

A little elf told us you might like 50% off.

Heck yes I would!

5-Day Sale, In-Store Only: $1 Hats, $2 Scarves, $3 Gloves & More

That’s pocket change! Sounds like a guilt-free purchase to me.

The Timer Tactic

Time is a motivator. Most people put things off until the last minute. Use that to your advantage!

$10 Sweaters! Today Only In-Store

Only today? My project for work is due in two days; I’ll have time tomorrow to do it. This takes priority now.

Gucci on Sale? Get it TODAY only!

Double Whammy. Gucci AND today only? That’ll be a crowd pleaser.

The Teaser Method

People are naturally curious. And if you write something intriguing enough, your customers will be sure to click on your email. 

5 Gift Ideas for Your Hubby That You Didn’t Think Of.

They couldn’t possibly have something I didn’t already thing of… could they?

What Your Girlfriend Actually Wants, but Doesn’t Tell You.

I have no idea what’s going on inside her head. This might give me some answers.

The List Scheme

Lists make the information you’re sending out simpler for people to read and digest. As an added plus, they help present your ideas in a more intriguing way.

4 Holiday Time-Saving Tricks from Target.

That is the one thing I’d kill for this week: More time!

10 Gifts for Under 10 Dollars!

That’s six words I’d love to see before Christmas.

The Question Technique

Questions grab people’s attention and get them thinking, much like in the teaser method. Used correctly, they can be used to make a more personal connection with your viewers.

Do You Really Have the Perfect Present for Your Boyfriend?

I’ve been asking myself that for weeks.

Can’t Find That Perfect Gift for Dad?

Why are men so hard to shop for??

In the end, the most effective subject lines motivate the reader to explore your message further. These tips will be sure to help you with your open rates, but keeping your subscribers? That’s all you!

Is there a trick you use that I didn’t list? Comment below and tell me!

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