The Why and How of Repurposing Your Content [VIDEO]


We all retain and gather information in different ways. Some of us respond better to pictures than with words. Some like interaction and creating a dialogue with another person. Some of us even get lost in pages and pages of a good story. If you have a interesting content piece, why not repurpose that content to reach an even wider audience? Sometimes an idea can only lend itself to one medium, but if you have a solid topic that can translate well across various channels, then go ahead and regenerate that content! Watch this video to learn more about why and how to do it well.


Repurposing Your Content

What does repurpose mean? It means taking an existing topic, research, text, images, and/or data and adapting it into a new content format

What are the Benefits?

  • The ability to reach more of your audience — those who respond to visuals and those who respond to words
  • As well as those who like at-a-glance pieces and those who like in-depth long form content

What are Different Content Formats I can utilize?

  • Blog Posts are good for presenting new content to loyal audience
  • Infographics are best for showing processes and showing data
  • Free Guides allow for in-depth content that has high-appeal
  • eBooks offer high-level insight that can expand with case studies, data points, and other supplemental info
  • Newsletters could be all of a content piece or just a preview that drives traffic
  • Webinars are great for presenting real time content while building up subscribers
  • Videos are engaging for an impatient audience
  • Presentations are a great way to boil down content

Try repurposing your content today, just like this video! This video is former free guide and blog post that you can read here!

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