STUDY: Men Who Take Excessive Selfies Show Psychopathic Traits


MediaPost reported that based on a survey of 800 men, men who are “prolific selfie posters” scored lower in empathy and higher in impulsivity.

So while it seems like everyone is a narcissist, it’s almost the opposite. They have no feelings at all. This doesn’t mean that everyone who has a feed full of selfies is a sociopath, but that they show psychopathic traits based on the Levenson survey.

Jesse Fox, an associate professor who led the study, says that the findings are interesting, because most don’t associate selfies with heterosexual men. It’s more a “chick” thing, right? He also says that with the rise of social media and self-portrayal, it’s only natural that men would join the ranks (finally?) of the insecure and validation seekers. Talk about equal opportunity.

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