#Pinspiration Chat: Educational Activities with Erica

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We know that keeping the kiddos busy indoors and out is a top priority for parents and guardians. Many of us at Pinterest have all types of family activities to avoid the whines, moans, and boredom grumbles, like fun crafternoons and experiments for the young scientist, but we’re on the hunt for more must-try ideas.

It’s why we asked expert stay-at-home Mom and blogger, Erica of What We Do All Day to co-host our next Twitter #Pinterest chat and give us new insight on creative ways to capture the minds of the little ones and keep them learning and absorbed in their curiosity.

This week’s theme is all about educational activities, so we want to hear what you do to keep your kids engrossed and immersed. Tweet us your activity #Pinspiration to @Pinterest and @momandkiddo this Friday, March 14th, between 9-10am PST.

Need a little spark? Erica, our Pincierge for the chat, will send you a Pin or a board to help fuel your vision for your next activity. Just add the hashtag #Pinspiration to your tweet and ask away. Here are a few fantastic ideas on our mind: treasure hunts (for “dinosaur” bones!), backyard toy car washes, a nature collage or personalized bookmarks.

This week, picked Erica’s brain on her experience and how she plans her creative routines with her kids:

Can you share a little bit about yourself and how you started your website, What We Do All Day?

I started my blog because when I became a stay at home Mom, my friends and family began inquiring how I filled my days. Every parent knows there are an infinite number of tasks in a day with kids even though it may seem like “nothing gets done.” The blog was a good way to give small insights into our daily life and a fun, creative outlet for me.

I also wanted to share with my fellow parents the simple ways I found to keep my kids busy so I could catch my breath during the day. I’m not very good at creating elaborate crafts or projects and I wanted to help other parents with easy ideas, especially indoors because we live in a small apartment with no yard.

As blog has evolved, the activities I post have taken on an educational bent, but I always keep in mind that the best learning happens through play, and child-led, open-ended activities.

As a Mom, can you recommend some exciting and engaging educational activities for parents or guardians to try at home?

Our favorite educational activity at home is reading books! I publish a new list of picture or chapter books for kids every Monday to share our favorite titles with other parents. My kids and I also play lots of games. Board games offer wonderful ways to enhance your child’s math, reading and critical thinking skills, while keeping things playful and fun. Parents can inspire their kids to think like scientists with simple investigations like, “Will it sink or float?”or “What happens if I mix vinegar and baking soda?” I often say mixing up a batch of play dough with your kids is the perfect activity. There is math for measuring, science for the chemical reaction of the ingredients, literacy for following instructions and lots of imaginative play at the end!

Lastly, how do you use Pinterest during your day-to-day? Got any tips to share?

Pinterest is great for the “I’m bored” comment. Occasionally, when my kids whine, “I’m bored!” we will scroll through a Pinterest board and they will choose something to do. In fact that is how we came up with our parking lot math game with toy cars. They saw a similar idea using letters and decided to do it with math instead.

My biggest tip for Pinterest users is don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all the gorgeous photos you see! There are beautiful pins of fabulous ideas but people like me who are not very crafty can easily adapt the ideas for our own purposes. Kids don’t care if everything they do is as perfect as it is on Pinterest, and activities for kids don’t have to be gorgeous to be educational!

Visit Erica • What Do We Do All Day?’s profile on Pinterest.

Thanks for the tips, Erica! Don’t forget to join us on Twitter this Friday and share your activity #Pinspiration with her and the Pinterest team. Also, be sure to check out her website and Pinterest boards for educational inspiration.

See you Friday!

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