Mobile Game Roundup: Bust-a-Move: Islands, Airship Bakery and More


This week’s mobile game releases included titles from some pretty big names. Zynga released Words on Tour on mobile and Facebook, the first side-game in the Words with Friends franchise, while fighting game specialist NetherRealm (along with Warner Bros.) unleashed its WWE Immortals on iOS and Android. However, those weren’t the only two games to drop this week. Here’s a look at some additional titles you may want to check out.

Bust-a-Move: Islands (Free on iOS, Android) — The classic match-three bubble shooting franchise is back in this new game from gumi, Inc. Players join Bub and Bob on a quest to complete over 200 levels, as they shoot bubbles at large formations at the top of the screen. The game contains more than 20 power bubbles, including bombs, as well as obstacle bubbles, like blocks, snakes, vines and rocks. The game’s social features allow players to compete for high scores in weekly tournaments, as well as send free lives to their friends via Facebook.

Airship Bakery (Free on iOS, Android) — This match-three puzzle game from Torn Screen Entertainment allows players to drag and drop pastries anywhere on the board to create matches. Players complete levels by making matches to serve guests who appear across the top of the screen, and must do so before running out of moves. Levels become more challenging over time, with different game boards and obstacles added to those boards in some stages.

Unpixelate ($2.99 on iOS) — Based on the popular PC Steam game Puzzle Dimension, this 3D puzzle title from DeNA and Doctor Entertainment challenges players to solve 100 puzzles by tapping on or around an orb to guide it through space and to an exit. The world rotates around the orb as players travel on angled pathways, and users must complete stages while watching out for fire, ice, teleporters, spikes and gaps in the path. Each level offers star blocks for collection, adding to the challenge.

Battle of Toys (Free on iOS) — A fighting game from TinyByte Games, Battle of Toys sees players competing against enemies using a variety of toy figurines, which have come to life. Each battle sees players responding to tap and swipe prompts to trigger attacks at just the right time. Users win coins after each battle, which can be spent on new toys, upgrades to those toys and attempts at a prize capsule machine. This machine contains select toy upgrades, as well as energy boosts for allowing robots to complete more battles before taking a rest.

Dragon Knights (Free on iOS, Android) — This turn-based RPG from Com2uS challenges players to clear dungeons as a team of heroes, including warriors, magicians, bandits and priests. Players spend energy to enter battles, during which their units will attack enemies automatically, leaving players to activate skills and special attacks using mana. Players collect loot and gear for their heroes over time, or can craft new pieces back in town. In addition to the single-player story mode, gamers can fight against each other in the arena, or fight alongside other users in global boss battles.

Around the World in 80 Days ($0.99 on iOS) — A hidden object game from Crisp App, Around the World in 80 Days sees players completing multiple varieties of hidden object scenes in a retelling of the classic Jules Verne novel.

Tile Enigma (Free on iOS) — Tile Enigma is the debut title from husband and wife team Pikaware, and challenges players to complete puzzle levels containing double-sided tiles. The goal of each stage is to flip tiles in order to make their colors match. However, as players make a move with one piece, the movement may “ripple” through the stage, changing the orientation of other tiles as well. Each level has a limited number of moves to complete its goal, and players can retry difficult stages. Tile Enigma includes 40 free levels, while 60 remaining levels are available for $1.99.

Hot Tub Time Machine: Tap That (Free on iOS, Android) — This hidden object game based on the 2010 film sees players traveling through time to collect clues after the film’s stars have experienced “another blacked out bender in the tub.” Players will earn combo points for finding items in rapid succession, and will be able to use hints and other tools to complete scenes faster. Mini-games are also available, like tile matching games and jigsaw puzzles. The game is also available to play on Facebook.

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