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While doing some research on HubPages I found and interesting article, so I’ve copied part of it here (the part that cought my attention was at the very end of the article) –

“I came across an interesting post on Google’s official blog that might shed some light. According to Google, 70% of search results returned are based on synonyms, and not on exact keyword matches! Plus, there a major change to the Google algorithms in May, known as the “May Day Change”, that affected many pages all over the Internet…

In their ongoing efforts to weed out the crap and serve up the best and most useful content to searchers, Google has been rapidly and dramatically changing the “rules” about Search Engine Optimization. And they don’t always tell us content publishers just what they’re doing!

Don’t believe any of the “experts” out there who claim to know how to make Google work for you. Their techniques might work well in the short term, but Google is just as aware of these techniques as you and those “experts” are. If those techniques lead to “false positive” search results (i.e. the top search results are not quality content) then Google can simply change the rules and weed out those results. So as far as SEO goes, all of us writers trying to make money writing online are chasing a moving target.

In the end, I guess the lesson I’ve learned is a simple one that it shouldn’t even need to be said.

I’ll say it anyway, though: “Write good content about stuff that people are looking for, and you can succeed.”

Author: How Did I Make Money Writing On HupPages

A very good point is made in that article so I’ll repeat it – “Write good content about stuff that people are looking for..”

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