Lauren Faul: Strategic Consultant & military wife


With her father as an infantry officer in the Marines, Lauren Faul grew up moving frequently. Today, with two kids, a career as a Strategic Communications consultant at the Department of Defense and a husband who is a AV-8B Harrier pilot, change is still a regular occurrence. This Memorial Day weekend, see how Lauren is using Pinterest to plan another family move, organize a home and plan for another possible deployment.

Hi Lauren, can you give us a quick peek into your background and career?

After graduating from Texas A&M University I worked on Capitol Hill for a few years, ultimately as a Communications Director for the House of Representatives. While there, I met my now-husband, Adam, who had recently finished his training to serve as a Marine Officer. I soon accepted a job working in the Pentagon thereafter as a Congressional Liaison for the Marine Corps. Shortly after getting married, Adam finished his training as a jet pilot in the Marine Corps, flying the AV-8B Harrier. Every military spouse finds maintaining a career to be challenging, myself included, but I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to continue working as a Strategic Communications consultant for the Department of Defense for the past five years. Adam and I have been married for almost 6 years now and have two children, Mack (2 years old) and Isla (7 months).

Your husband, Adam flies a Harrier and you come from a long military family. Can you describe your experience as a military wife and daughter?

I grew up as a proud Marine Brat. My Dad was an infantry officer in the Marine Corps for 37 years. As with most military families, the only constant thing in our lives seemed to be constant change. We moved every 1-3 years, which seemed normal to us because all of our friends did as well. I actually just counted the other day that I am on my 19th move. Marrying a Marine was a natural fit with what we call the “family business.” Being a Marine wife comes with many other challenges, but just as many amazing experiences. Adam has deployed twice now, and the friends we have made throughout his career thus far have become family to us. There have been moments of immense pride and also of devastating loss that binds you to those around you in an indescribable way. I’m very proud of our life and those we share it with.

We caught your Daddy’s Away board. With two young kids, how do you—and as a family—deal with deployments and moving around for assignments?

Having children makes it extremely painful, no doubt about it. But I have learned, mainly through watching my own mother manage our family while my dad deployed numerous times, that kids feed off of their parents. Pinterest has been a great place to find creative, fun ways to explain to kids where Daddy is, what he’s doing, why he’s gone, and even better, help them prepare for Daddy to come home! There are also some great public boards, like Deployment Toolkit, that have everything from military travel opportunities, military discounts, and other deployment resources that have been super helpful.

We caught your home-sweet-home boards. How do you use Pinterest with such an active family and agenda?

As a pretty uncreative person, Pinterest gives me some much needed inspiration for home decorating and arts and craft ideas with the kids. My husband and I also really enjoy cooking, so we’re always on the lookout for new recipes to try out. My biggest challenge with our lifestyle is (attempting) to keep our lives organized. I have found so many great ideas for organizing our home – everything from the kitchen to medicine cabinets. It’s a constant work in progress, but the little tricks we have picked up through Pinterest are lifesavers for our nomadic lifestyle.

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What are you and the family doing this Memorial Day weekend?

Probably no surprise to those that know us, but we’re moving! Again! We just finished packing up our home in Quantico, Virginia and are relocating to Cherry Point, North Carolina. This Memorial Day weekend we’re so fortunate to have Adam home with us, so we’ll be spending time as a family. Having a military family we’re all too aware that for some of our own friends, Memorial Day is much more frequently than one day a year. We count ourselves as blessed to truly understand that growing another year older and having a holiday weekend with each other is a luxury denied to many. As a family, we are dedicated to ensuring we never forget that, and we raise our children to appreciate the ultimate sacrifice of so many others as well.

We want to thank our armed forces for their service this Memorial Day. And Lauren, we thank you for giving us a peak into your family and military life. If you want to see how Lauren is using Pinterest, check out her Pinterest boards!

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