Introducing Rainmaker: The Complete Solution for Content Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs


Four years ago this month, Copyblogger Media was born.

Up until that point, I had launched several businesses off of Copyblogger, with several smart partners. Each of those individual businesses were killing it and had me involved, but those smart individuals weren’t collaborating with each other … because why would they?

The five of us convened in a Denver conference room – the first time the group had ever met in person. In just three hours, we worked through the seemingly impossible task of merging five companies into one new entity, with everyone’s equity interest and responsibilities in place.

How was that even possible? In short: shared vision.

We all agreed to come together to build something bigger than we could build separately. And just like that, we were a new venture of 15 people who had to quickly learn to work together if we were going to accomplish our goals.

Today – as a growing group of 42 – we’re revealing the result of our combined efforts. While four years may seem like forever in Internet time, it seems to have all worked out perfectly.

During those four years, we built the parts of our ultimate vision while we grew revenue. Because we’ve never taken venture capital, we had to operate like a real company – one that provides value to paying customers while patiently executing on a larger goal.

  • First we worked to make StudioPress the go-to source for WordPress design.
  • Then we launched a premium WordPress hosting division called Synthesis to make sure we had the infrastructure aspect down cold.
  • Scribe was rapidly evolved from simple SEO copywriting software into the patent-pending suite of audience optimization tools it is today.
  • We created sophisticated “no-code” development tools that power our own membership areas, lead generation, and digital sales engines.
  • And then we did the hardest thing – created a website deployment system that allowed for amazing ease-of-use combined with maximum security and performance.

Everything we built was for our own use first, with WordPress at the core. We are, after all, doing the same work to build our business that our audience and customer base does – so it makes sense that we built tools good enough for our own use.

Since inception, our goal as a company was to take those parts and fuse them into a complete solution for content marketers and online entrepreneurs.

A solution that our own editorial team of poets and misfits could use to build anything they want … without worrying about technology.

Not because we needed something to sell. Instead, a solution we’ve used ourselves to build a $10 million-a-year company out of a simple blog, and by practicing what we preach.

Today, we’d like to invite you to check it out, free of charge.

Okay, great. So what’s the Rainmaker Platform anyway?

Great question. Let me give you the bullet points first.

With Rainmaker, you can:

  • Create powerful content-driven websites on your own domains.
  • Build membership sites and online training courses.
  • Sell digital products like software, ebooks, and more.
  • Perform sophisticated online lead generation.
  • Optimize your content for search engines and social networks.
  • Absorb cutting-edge tactics and strategy with included training.
  • Avoid a patchwork of plugins, themes, and complicated code.
  • Forget about upgrades, maintenance, security, and hosting headaches.
  • Take your site and content elsewhere at any time if you so choose.

It’s been battle-tested by over 1,000 tough customers over the last five months, and now it’s ready for you to test drive – at absolutely no charge.

What can I build with Rainmaker?

Another great question. Let me give you some concrete examples of sites you can build. alone gets over 500,000 unique visitors a month without advertising. It’s essentially a static home page, a blog, a collection of landing pages, and a combination free/paid membership area, which includes a forum in addition to all sorts of scheduled and archived content.

You can build a site just like Copyblogger with Rainmaker.

Or, let’s look at StudioPress, which sells hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars in digital products every month. It’s essentially a collection of sales pages with a blog, a checkout process, and a protected area for delivery of the purchased products.

You can build a site just like StudioPress with Rainmaker.

Want to build an online training course, powered initially by a podcast, like at New Rainmaker? Whether for lead generation or as the product itself?

You guessed it … New Rainmaker is built on Rainmaker.

And if you want a custom design like any of those sites, you can do that as well on Rainmaker. But the $10,000 to $30,000 (or more) in development work some would charge you just to build the bones of the site is off the table, which is nice.

Plus, a full suite of podcasting features. Research, outreach, and optimization tools. 27 cutting-edge, future-proof HTML5 responsive designs. And much more.

In fact, Rainmaker does way more than I’ve mentioned here. But you need to experience that for yourself with the free 30-day trial.

So what’s the deal?

You’re on absolute fire with these questions.

The essence of the deal is simple – try Rainmaker for 30 days at no charge and see if it works for you. Cancel with the click of a big, easy-to-find button if you decide to move on.

But the deal is actually much sweeter than that.

As I mentioned, for the last five months we’ve been running a pilot program for Rainmaker. We offered the best deal you’ll ever see in exchange for feedback from real, paying customers.

For the next two weeks, we’re offering you the same special deal that the people in our Pilot Program got. Rainmaker is already at version 2.0 thanks to the feedback from these brave souls, which means you get the same incredible deal, but with a vastly improved initial experience. And even that will continue to get better.

What do you get, specifically?

  • All current Rainmaker features
  • Monthly billing option
  • Professional and prompt support
  • Customer-only affiliate program
  • Our best price, locked in for the life of your account

Plus, at no extra charge as they are released:

  • Additional reporting and analytics
  • Additional themes and landing pages
  • Social media posting and scheduling
  • Improved learning management system
  • Integrated RSS reader
  • Curation-to-content tools
  • Marketing automation

One catch – you’ve got to start your free trial before October 3rd to get this deal. After that, the advanced features will become part of a more expensive plan, and other benefits such as the length of the trial and the monthly billing option will go away.

I’ll write more about these upcoming features in the next week or so, because they’re really exciting. But go ahead and check out everything Rainmaker does right now at no charge.

Brian Clark is founder and CEO of Copyblogger, and uncompromising evangelist for the Rainmaker Platform. Get more from Brian on .

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