Introducing our New Blog Contributors


Perspective is everything.

And today I’m proud to say WiderFunnel has more perspective than ever before in our client strategy.

Back when we started, in 2007, I was all by my lonesome in creating optimization plans for our clients. Now, we are a team — much smarter than me alone — delivering amazing results and insights.

Three of these team members are bursting with ideas to share with you, and we’ve now opened up the blog to hear their perspectives.

On top of that, as more and more companies with high-traffic websites have added Conversions Optimization to their core operations we have been continuing to expand the topics we write about.

I’m excited to show you the result, more contributors to the WiderFunnel blog writing about a wider array of topics!

Please give a warm welcome to your new contributors.

Alhan Keser

Primary topics: A/B Test Design, B2B, Lead Generation, Conversion Optimization

Alhan Keser is the Senior Conversion Strategist at WiderFunnel Marketing
Optimization. Using their structured approach to conversion optimization, Alhan
has generated millions of dollars in additional revenue for WiderFunnel’s
enterprise and startup clients. Alhan has presented his CRO wins at conferences
such as the eMetrics, ClickZ Live, and LeadsCon.

Alhan was formerly CMO of fast-growing NYC digital agency, Blue Fountain
Media, where he contributed to 1,000% revenue growth in 5 years. Although he
loved his cushy agency job in the big apple, his work did not use the strict a/b
testing methodology he wanted to. Alhan joined the team at WiderFunnel to be
able to work with measurable insights at every step.

Alhan speaks English, French, Turkish, and Spanish. When not delivering great
results to clients, Alhan can be found training for his next triathlon.

Claire Vignon

Primary topics: E-commerce, Free Trials/Freemiums, Social Proof, Conversion Optimization

Claire is a conversion specialist at WiderFunnel. Claire helps her clients’
understand their customers and their conversion rates — leading them to
profitable ‘Aha!’ moments every day. At WiderFunnel Claire cherishes the team
of A-players, who both challenge her and enrich her every day learning.
Before joining WiderFunnel, Claire led the conversion team at Active Network.
While there Claire boosted clients’ profits extensively and was awarded MVP for
her leadership role. Claire is originally from Dijon, France, and she speaks
English and French fluently – as well as a bit of Spanish. You just have to see
Claire’s biking pace or running millage, to realize she doesn’t just like the saying
‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ – she lives by it.

Michael Duquet

Primary topics: Affiliate Revenue, Copywriting, Conversion Optimization

Michael is a conversion strategist at WiderFunnel. Michael predicts testing
opportunities, and sets up winning conversion experiments to help his clients’
LIFT their conversion rates, and revenue, through A/B/multivariate testing.
Before starting at WiderFunnel Mike specialized in customer retention for H
Street Media, Zefre Media, and Silver Arrow Marketing. Michael is from
Newfoundland, Canada — he is missing the accent, but has the east-coast stories
and colloquialisms to match. When Michael isn’t increasing his client’s profits at
WiderFunnel, he is a new dad and spends his free time with his wife and son.

Do you have a question for Alhan, Claire or Michael?

What topics would you like to read more about on the WiderFunnel blog?

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