Infographic: Using Social Content to Fuel The Sales Engine


It’s safe to say social media is exploding. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have millions of daily users, where many of these users are constantly sharing parts of their lives. Social media has become something that is integral to a person’s life.

So how do companies take advantage of this? People are sharing every day and word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. There certainly has to be a way to leverage this.

Enter user generated content.

If you can get customers to share an image of them using your product, you’ll increase the chances of making a sale for that product. A person seeing a friend wearing your shirt or using your product will almost always convert better than a generic advertisement that barely draws eyeballs.

The good news is some consumers are already sharing their purchases without any incentive from the brand. But some brands may have a bit more of a struggle in turning their loyal customers into advocates.

So how can brands nudge their customers into advocates?

The best way is to use incentives. Running contests that people can enter simply by showing they’ve shared pictures and/or videos of products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In some cases you can skip the contest and give people a credit off their next purchase for sharing products on social. For instance, if you sell clothing, you can have a box post purchase that says “share a photo of you wearing this shirt out in public, tag us in the comment and we’ll give you a $5 credit off your next purchase with us.”

A brand can then share these photos to their followers.

Whole Foods is doing something very similar right now.

This contest is promoting Whole Foods shoppers to substitute their car for a bike next time they make a Whole Foods run.

Honest Tea frequently retweets their customers posting pictures of where they are enjoying their products.

In today’s infographic we look at how effective “user generated” can be and how brands can use it to their advantage. Thanks to Joe Schettini of Offerpop for providing us with this infographic.

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