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Lately, especially with holiday planning in full swing, we’ve been hearing (and talking) a lot about nurturing your relationship with subscribers now in order to have them engaged with your brand as email volume rises. In going through my files of interesting emails, I found a few – several not from traditional retailers – that I thought were worth sharing. 

Re-engagement campaigns 

Re-engagement campaigns are especially important now to ensure optimum deliverability during the holiday season. But saying the right thing to re-engage someone who may have fallen off the radar, so to speak, can be challenging.  

This one from Chili’s has a clever subject line – Oops…we haven’t sent you any coupons lately. I thought it was interesting because Chili’s was taking the blame for our disconnect, even though I’m pretty sure they’ve sent me plenty of coupons in the past few months but I simply haven’t opened the emails. I also liked the enthusiastic “Let’s reconnect!” before they served up my incentive: 

This re-engagement email from Upworthy caught my attention with it’s lengthy but intriguing subject line – You Haven’t Been Around Here Lately, Which Makes You The Person Perfect Person To Do This

Like Chili’s they took the blame for the cooling of our relationship by saying, “What can we do better?” and linking to a survey. I liked the tone of the rest of the copy, as well, and the link to the type of post that reminded me why I signed up in the first place: 

This one from Walmart, by the way, paled in comparison. The subject line – We have missed you :-) – confused me. A smiley face? Were they happy about it?

I subscribed to this list when I ordered photo reprints online to pick up in my local store and haven’t purchased made a purchase. That would probably explain why when I opened the email I was presented with a very random grid of “great new product recommendations.” Are they new products? That’s the only reason I can imagine they would feature them for me. Still, a bit of a disorganized, uninspiring mess:

Preference Centers 

It’s always a good idea to ask your subscribers what they’re interested in and what and how often they’d like to hear from you, and especially the latter when you’re planning to up your email frequency. Asking for personal information, however, can sometimes be tricky. I thought the following two did a nice job of it. 

The first, from abc carpet & home, is simple and elegant and very much consistent with the brand. The subject line – We want to hear from you. – is pretty straightforward yet sincere, much like the copy inside, which is enhanced by a stunning photo:

Following in the same straightforward pattern was this subject line from Sirius –Take Action – – Complete Your Preferences Now – but it was the image and the tone of the copy inside that I thought was clever. I especially like, “Yeah, we know filling out forms isn’t high on your to-do list. But trust us, this is one to put at the top.” 

Have you seen anything inspiring in your inbox lately? 

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