How to Make Your Content a Star

Think about how many stars exist in the universe.

It’s hard to wrap your head around. Astronomers estimate there are 170 billion galaxies in the parts of the universe we can see, which extends 13.8 billion light-years in every direction.

If you multiply the number of stars in just our own galaxy by 170 billion, you get a septillion stars (that’s a 1 followed by twenty-four zeros). Of course, the true number may actually be infinite, given that the universe is much larger than we can observe and could simply go on forever.

The vast majority of those stars are completely irrelevant to us, because we can’t even see them. On a moonless night, you can spy maybe 9,000 stars with the naked eye, and a good pair of binoculars might get you to 200,000.

That alone is a lot of stars. And they are mostly too far away to have any direct impact on us.

But one star is different.

The potentially infinite number of stars in no way diminishes the value and importance of our own Sun. This particular star is so relevant to this particular audience that we perish without it.

That’s the way to think about content marketing.

It doesn’t matter how much content is out there. Your relevance to your prospective audience is completely independent of how much content exists in the known (or unknown) universe.

There could be infinite amounts of content, and that wouldn’t change. Most content is completely invisible because it’s not worth seeing.

And content that is otherwise worthy is still not the right fit for everyone. That’s why differentiation always works -– the same information presented in strategically different ways is fundamentally not the same to those who want and need it.

That’s how you make your content a star and establish your winning difference: remarkable value with a unique perspective and voice. It’s been that way since the time of Aristotle (who also worried there was too much content –- over 2,300 years ago).

Yes, it takes work to stand out, to be relevant, and to find your audience.

And no, it’s not always easy.

What worth doing is?

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