How To Convince Management To Start Your Content Marketing Campaign [VIDEO]


Oftentimes, it’s a difficult task to convince management to step into a new marketing campaign. Content marketing may not be new to you, but it may still be a big buy-in for your boss. Mike Huber, our Director of Business Strategy, speaks directly to this issue in this video, and provides three main things to think about when presenting your campaign idea to decision makers.


Hi everybody, Mike Huber here. Today we’re going to talk about how to convince management to start your content marketing campaign.

So you’ve been to the conference, you spent a whole half-day in the content marketing workshop, you’re really excited and you want to get back to the office and get your content marketing campaign started, but you also know that you’ve got to convince management that it’s a great idea. So I have a couple of suggestions for you on what information to take to management to make this happen.

The first question they’re going to ask you is: What’s the ROI? And an ROI is return on investment. So the place that I would start is to do a Google search for content marketing case studies, and I think if you do that search, you’ll find hundreds out there, but I actually recommend two to look at. One is for Yale Appliance and the other is for River Pools.

So if you look at the Yale Appliance case study that I’m sure you’ll find in your search, you’ll find that they doubled traffic, that their revenues increased, and they were actually able to reduce their marketing budget by a half a million dollars. And they did all of this in less than a year of a content marketing campaign.

The other one that you want to look at is River Pools, and River Pools at the time was owned by Marcus Sheridan and he actually wrote a blog post and the title was ‘How much does a fiberglass pool cost?’ That blog post alone has been tracked over time and it’s generated over three million dollars in sales.

So I think both of those case studies will help support your cause, but you also might want to look a little bit further and look at some of the surveys that are out there. A really great survey to look at is one that HubSpot did. Now what HubSpot did is they interviewed over 6000 webmasters, and what they determined is: websites that have over 100 pages actually have two and a half times the leads as websites that have 50 or fewer pages. They also found out that if you publish 15 or more times per month, you will actually have five times the traffic to your website.

So the increase in traffic and leads, the increase in revenues identified by those case studies, should give you all of the ammunition that you need to get your content marketing campaign started, but also don’t forget to identify the resources that you need. You also want to take a look at the actual plan that you want to place in front of management, but I think if you do the ROI and you do those other planning steps, that you’ll create a really great content marketing campaign and management will give you the go-ahead.

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