How to Accelerate Your Video Marketing Success


There’s no doubt that videos engage viewers at a much deeper level than plain text, but how can you be sure that you’re optimizing ROI for your site’s videos?

In this webinar, Ezra Fishman (Director of Marketing at Wistia) and Kristen Craft (Director of Partnerships at Wistia) provide tips and strategies for using video effectively on a site. Wistia is a video hosting company geared towards businesses, boasting over 80,000 customers.

Here’s what two leaders from one of the largest video hosting companies in the world have to say about how to make great use of video on your site:

Ask the right questions

Don’t ask: “What video should I make?” Instead, ask yourself: “What problem am I trying to solve?” When it comes to video, context is king. A product tutorial on the home page of a website should be different from a product tutorial on the support page of the same site. It’s important to understand the context in which the video lives before producing the video itself.

Take this Hubspot page as an example — it makes little sense to talk about the goal of the image independent of the page. Rather, the goal of the page is to help customers build call to actions (CTA) quickly, and everything on the page (including the form in the image) was designed with that goal in mind. Videos should be approached in a similar way.

This video thumbnail on the Email Design Conference email is a great example of video designed with context in mind. The CTA drives viewers to a page that displays an engaging video of the conference from previous years. The larger goal in mind was to increase the number of registrants, and video helps them achieve this goal by 1) showing what happened the last year, 2) letting viewers hear from past attendees, and 3) improving click through rates on promotional emails.

How Dropbox increased their conversion by 10%

Dropbox is pretty intuitive now for most of us, but when they first started out, their UI concept was unfamiliar to many. They created a video showing how the UI worked, what Dropbox was, how to use it, etc. Then, they saw conversion rates increase by 10% compared to before they introduced the video to their landing page.

Video is good at 1) explaining complex topics, 2) showing how to, 3) building trust, and 4) making us more human by showing the personality behind the product. It’s a great opportunity to interject branding and reduce confusion at the same time, which in turn improves conversion rates.

To find out more tips to accelerate your video marketing success, watch this webinar now.

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