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Have you been searching for business opportunities online and spent a load of money and not one penny to show for it? I’ve only been scammed once, so I consider myself lucky.

I’ve search for years for money making opportunities and come full circle. So I’ve learned one thing – do not search for business opportunities or work at home schemes, (unless you know whoever is selling the business opportunity has accreditation). Instead, google search the following three subjects –

Creating your own website etc.
Create your own products or promote products as an affiliate.
Drive targeted traffic to your site or link.

Now you do not have to build a website yourself, neither do you need to spend loads of money. It all depends on how much time or money you have to start, or both. You have massive corporations spending fortunes on advertising and web design etc. There just wasting money and then you have the small business at home mom making a fortune and not spending one penny on advertising.

You do not have to create your own product to sell online, neither offline as there are merchants who either do not have the time or know how to promote their products. Affiliate Marketing here is the number one opportunity for you to make money. Learn everything you can about Affiliate Marketing, but first without spending money on Internet Marketing products as there is enough good information online about “Make Money Online” or “Work at Home Business”

So you have a website, and you have a product (or service or promote products), then there is just one piece of the puzzle left. You need to find hungry buyers, drive targeted traffic to your site or offer. Spy on Your Competitors – Target Their Keywords. By selling your own products, you will make money; you do not’ have to create your own products as you can outsource. There are outsourcing services online and it is not expensive as the job you need done is on a bidding system.

You will make money when you have your own products to sell, and you do not need to spend time or money on advertising. There are super affiliates who promote products for a living. Remember the only two business opportunities that exist are either selling your own products or promoting other products or services as an affiliate. You can of course be on both sides of the fence, and this is very common as most Super Affiliates have their own products.

So were should you start? Some say start with Affiliate Marketing and some experts say create you own products first. It does not matter were you start., the place to start is where you are. Say your good at web designing and your confident at writing content, then you should start with affiliate marketing. Create your own products (first) if you have the time or outsource if you have enough capital to start a Home Base Business quickly.

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