Google Shopping Campaigns: What You Need To Know


A couple of months ago, Google announced that the current Product Listing Ad format would be replaced by a newer version called the Google Shopping Campaigns in August. The team here at Vertical Measures has been transitioning accounts to this new ad format these past few months… have you started this transition for your own account(s)?

First things first, it’s most important to keep in mind that Product Listing Ads are not changing for the end users. Searchers will still see the same box of PLAs when searching up at the top right corner on the SERP, so nothing is changing on that end. The Google Shopping campaign roll out is really only changing the campaign management and optimization side of the house, including being able to really integrate your Google Merchant Center account with your Google AdWords account, and ultimately helping you make smarter decisions when optimizing your campaigns.

Similar to how Product Listings Ads are set up now, Google Shopping campaigns display products from the Merchant Center based on how you’ve segmented out your Ad groups in AdWords. Advertisers still upload their feed as usual to the Google Merchant Center and that’s where the main differences begin.

What Changes Within The Merchant Center Feed

Google shopping campaigns eliminates the need to only use AdWords labels when identifying your products and replaces it with the ability to add custom labels. While both feed labels will be used to identify product attributes in order to build out the ad groups, custom labels differ in the sense that advertisers are now allowed to be more flexible and use labels that are important to their product/organization when building out their feeds.

Learn More About Performance With Enhanced Reporting

One of the most talked about capabilities of the new Google Shopping campaigns is the better reporting capabilities built into the campaigns. With regular Product Listing Ads you were able to review performance data at the ad group level and at the targeting level. However with the Google Shopping Campaigns, you are able to review performance data at multiple different levels. You can decide how you’d like to review this data depending on what is important to you. This means that as an advertiser, you’re going to be able to dive in deeper to identify any trends about particular brands, categories, item IDs, etc.

The different ways you can separate out data is by:

  • Item ID
  • Product Type
  • Merchant Center ID
  • Store ID
  • Brand
  • Google Category

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