Founder Jack Dorsey Praises Twitter’s History, Importance, CEO in Tweetstorm


Twitter’s crucial 2014 fourth quarter earnings report is due next week (February 5th, 2015), and co-founder Jack Dorsey has conjured up a 17-tweet “tweetstorm” in defence of the company, its platform and its CEO.

Twitter needs a big win in this release — analysts and investors will be looking for positive signs of growth in monthly active users (MAUs) and increased profitability. Once chief exec himself (now chairman), Dorsey knows how important this report is — if Twitter drops the ball, the stock, already down significantly from its 2014 highs, is going to be seriously punished.

And it will probably cost current CEO Dick Costolo his job.

So, what better way to convince skeptics than with a tweetstorm?

“Is this thing on?” Dorsey asks in his first of seventeen tweets, before posting, “I have some things I’d like to say. To start… the tweetstorm!”

Here’s the rest of his updates.

3/The folks using Twitter daily created the @username, the #hashtag, and the retweet, all within the constraint of 140 characters.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

4/The @, #, and RT have become cultural movements and have influenced every social and communications service since. Even offline.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

5/The “tweetstorm” and #/tweet syntax is a (clever) way around the 140 character constraint. Once again created by people using the service!

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

6/I think it beautifully showcases Twitter's real strength: simple and engaging live conversation. From anywhere about anything!

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

7/A service that enables the people using it to create new cultural practices is a service that is evergreen. Twitter is that service.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

8/And now, the team at Twitter. The team today is excellent in every way and is having a tangible positive impact on our pace and execution.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

9/We saw that Tuesday with a string of amazing launches that are making Twitter even better:

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

10/As for @dickc, our cofounder @ev rightly pointed out there isn't a single person who has been thinking longer about Twitter than @dickc.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

11/@dickc was one of our first angel investors, our advisor, our COO, the creator of our revenue engine, and our CEO who assembled the team.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

12/And finally, the company. I don't know of many companies that also represent a movement. Twitter does.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

13/Twitter has more global awareness than most century old companies, and yet the brand actually stands for something.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

14/The Twitter bird has come to stand for empowerment and a positive force in civil society.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

15/The company constantly shows this spirit in action, especially in policy. And it's built a great business to enable that to flourish!

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

16/I think Twitter is the closest thing we have to a global consciousness. And I believe the world needs that right now.

— Jack (@jack) January 29, 2015

Dorsey then signs off with, “That’s all. Have a great day!”


There are two ways to look at this. One, that Dorsey is super-proud of Twitter (rightly so) and wants the world to know, and to be honest it’s hard to disagree with most of what he says in his musings. Twitter is an important service that has changed the planet, giving millions of people and many nations a voice and the means to be heard.

The flip side, of course, is that Dorsey is scrambling and getting as much “good stuff” out there as possible because he’s aware that Twitter’s earnings next week aren’t going to cut the mustard.

We’ll know the answer come February 5th. Watch this space.

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