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Eddie Rossetti’s fashion sense started as a kid when his mother would dress him up for picture day at school. Years later, his style and closets are up to date, along with his popular blog, where he shares fashion tips and everyday snapshots. Taking the internet by storm, see how Eddie uses Pinterest to discover new trends, avoid mistakes, and collaborate with some major fashion brands for business.

Can you give us a quick background on yourself and how you got into men’s fashion? Were you always up to date with what was in-style growing up?

I’m Eddie Rossetti, a menswear addict, social media junkie and brunch fanatic who lives in the suburbs of Connecticut. I joined Pinterest to keep track of various style inspirations, back when users still needed an invite to get on to Pinterest. I pin 2 to 3 times a day, mostly at night, and it’s become part of my daily routine, a way to relax. When I’m not pinning, my boyfriend and I keep busy taking care of our two dogs, entertaining friends and family, and watching movies at the house. Pinning dovetails nicely with my job as a social media specialist at an integrated marketing agency, where I work with brands to strategize and make the most of their digital presence.

My mother was my biggest fashion influence growing up. Every year she made a big deal about picture day. Whether it was a bold-print cardigan, chambray shirt or turtleneck, we made sure that those classic 90s backgrounds matched my outfit. Twenty years later, I still keep updated versions of each in my closet. That being said, I strayed fashion-wise during high school, and made some terrible sartorial decisions that I’m glad didn’t make it on to social media. It wasn’t until college that I developed my current style, which I would consider a mix of classic and modern Americana.

A lot of people wonder what makes good fashion, good fashion. Tell us how your blog came to life?

My blog came about because … of all things … a New Year’s resolution to practice what I preach to my friends and colleagues. My inspiration was my friend MegBurns. I picked up her best practices and made it a point to share style tips and everyday snapshots. I still have some things I want to expand on, like more leadership posts. I’m looking forward to integrating them into my blog this year.

Good fashion is quality. It’s more than a trend. It’s something that can transcend time again and again. It’s an investment. It’s a reflection of a moment that becomes timeless, whether you wear it now or 20 years from now.

Your “extra flair” board has over 2k Pins. How do you use Pinterest to add that extra flare?

Extra Flair is my everyday style board. I post images of men rocking everyday wear with a twist — be it their personal style, a quality garment or that special detail that makes it stand out from all the rest. Through Pinterest, I’ve discovered different styles within my own, expanded on what I know and who I know. It’s allowed me to avoid mistakes other people make and experiment with looks that I’ve never thought of, like a short-sleeve button-down shirt under a short sleeve tee, cuffed at the sleeve. Who would have thought that would look good? But it did.

Follow EddieRossetti’s board Extra Flair on Pinterest.

Your boards have opened the doors to some new business partnerships. How did Pinterest play a role in your boards getting you discovered?

I’ve had remarkable opportunities to work with some amazing brands. It all started a year ago when my friend recommended my Pinterest boards to her colleague for a possible partnership with Banana Republic. I was invited to New York to preview their fall collection and take photos of all the men’s fashion to pin. Because of my focus on Pinterest, I’ve been featured in their street style board and have been offered the opportunity to contribute to a guest board for my favorite men’s fashion trends and looks. My favorite partnership perk is that I get to style and photograph some of their menswear pieces for Pinterest. That has allowed me to be more creative and original with my pins.

Another amazing opportunity that Pinterest fostered for me was the chance to work with Giles & Brother, winners of the CFDA award for best jewelry in 2007. What’s funny is that I actually came across Philip Crangi’s personal style on Pinterest well before I knew he was the jewelry designer for Giles & Brother. I didn’t even realize I was already pinning their jewelry. It’s a mix of “what men wear, and women love to steal from their men.” Thanks to Pinterest and the various pins I’ve curated, I’ve been invited to photograph and pin images from the GQxNorthern Grade pop-up shop on March 22 & 23 and also contribute to one of Giles & Brother’s guest boards.

My latest partnership is with vineyard vines. I attended their spring collection preview party, The Fashion Series blogger event, and have styled and photographed some of their menswear pieces for Pinterest. They’ve been great to work with and are always looking for new and creative ways to engage with bloggers.

I’m looking forward to expanding my partnerships with different menswear brands and being able to share those experiences with my Pinterest network.

If you had a male friend, who had no fashion sense, and needed help getting put together for an event in a few hours—say an interview, first date, or a party—what advice would you give him? Where does one start?

Dress to impress, but always aim to be comfortable. You should feel confident in what you’re wearing and be able to pull off what you’ve put on. Also, make sure to dress for the occasion without sacrificing your own personal style. Just because an invitation says black tie doesn’t mean you can’t stand out by incorporating a fun pocket square or a unique tie bar.

St. Patrick’s Day is today. How are you planning on incorporating green into your wardrobe this week? Any suggestions of do’s and don’ts? What’s the best way someone can add some subtle green to their attire?

Less is more when it comes to dressing for St. Patrick’s Day. I plan to wear a plaid shirt that has a hint of green in it. Nothing too intense, just a subtle pop. For a more formal setting, I suggest a muted, pastel green button-down shirt or green socks – show some personality without being too flashy.

What is one piece of fashion every man should have in his closet?

A well-tailored suit. Spend the extra money and get your suit fitted. You’ll thank yourself later – and you’ll grab other’s attention.

Thanks Eddie for giving us a quick insight into the fashion world! If you want to see what Eddie is wearing or what styles he’s curating this season, visit his website and Pinterest boards!

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