Create Engagement Ads to Get Around Banner Blindness


There’s no doubt that display advertising is extremely powerful — the reach and targeting is a savvy advertiser’s dream. But there’s also no doubt that consumers are desensitized to traditional banner advertising that is ubiquitous in the digital ecosystem. They often fall ill with a disease we like to call “banner blindness.” This sickness can affect everyone, no matter their age or location. It’s where they have become so used to being sold on the Internet with ads that they just no longer pay them any attention.

So the question remains: what can we do to cure banner blindness and re-engage the ad-jaded consumer? Two words: Engagements Ads.

Late last year Google released this new ad type. This unique and exciting new type of display ad fits in the traditional display units, but offers a media-rich experience that connects consumers with your brand like never before. At the heart of Engagement Ads is video that offers two main ad units – Lightbox and Hover-to-play.

The Standard Lightbox Ad

The Lightbox ad is truly interactive. It begins as a regular display ad, but when hovered over for two seconds expands to near full-screen. You can put video, games, or any other media you’d like. Check out the screenshot below.

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