Countdown to CASL – Advice from the Twittersphere


Chief Privacy Officer James Koons has been keeping an eye on the Canadian Anti-SPAM Legislation discussion happening on Twitter and has noticed an interesting trend:  folks are starting to feel SPAMMED!

Here are some of the tweets (usernames redacted) he’s seen recently:

  • “Rather ironically, about 50% of my opt-in emails that I am receiving have ended up in my spam folder. #CASL
  • “Sending me a boring “please resubscribe to our newsletter” email with no interesting content is a good way to ensure I won’t. #CASL
  • “Irony. Canadian companies have to spam us to ensure they comply with new anti-spam legislation. So Canadian. #casl
  • “Either I am on more email lists than I know or companies are spamming with opt-in messages to build lists. #CASL #headache
  • “Really enjoying all the changes in regards to CASL. The amount of consent emails in my inbox is an added touch… #casl.”
  • “I’m discovering that I’m on company mail lists that I didn’t even realize! #CASL
  • #CASL will (hopefully) reduce #SPAM in longterm but in short-term its certainly causing a flooding of “OPT-IN” emails to my mailbox!”
  • “So, now I’m being spammed by companies who say they are complying with anti-spam legislation. #CASL #antispam
  • “The irony of #CASL is it has generated more spam by trying to explain itself.”
  • “Thus passes the winter of discontent – and now, the summer seeking our consent. #CASL is upon us.”

These are just a few – there are literally hundreds with the same tone.  While some of them are quite comical, they all carry a similar message:  the flood of reconfirmation emails is getting to be too much. As I indicated in my “Don’t Risk Your List” piece, you should only be targeting those folks that you don’t have any verifiable consent for now where it would be believed the message would be covered under CASL. For most marketers, this shouldn’t be that many recipients. You have three years to obtain express consent for recipients who fall into the transitional provision and two years for new sign-ups after July 1, 2014.  I say use that time wisely.

Take a note from the Twittersphere: don’t hammer your valuable subscribers and risk losing them. Utilize the timeframes specified by the legislation wisely and spread out your campaigns. Focus more on updating your acquisition points and email content.

For more information and helpful documents on how to do this, visit Listrak’s CASL Resource Center at

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