Building Your Business With Pinterest

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Building Your Business With Pinterest

1. Use images in EVERY post! Pinterest is like an online
scrapbook. The more interesting your image is, the more
likely your content will get shared.

So for every article you create, make sure you put an
interesting image to go with it :)

2. Install a Pinterest button on your blog. This makes it
easy for your visitors to share your content on their
Pinterest boards.

Now anytime someone ‘Pins’ your content, it will automatically
be posted to THEIR Pinterest board with a link back to your

3. The best times to post are 5AM and 5PM. Pinterest traffic
seems to spike around 6am and 6pm (Before Work and After Work).
So these times often give your content the best change to gain

4. Make Your Pins Searchable. There are thousands of users
searching for specific content on Twitter, so be sure to
include targeted keywords in your description. Plus, you
can also add relevant hashtags to the end of your description.
(Ex. #fitness, #marketing, #books, #wedding, etc…)

5. Post videos! Pinterest has a complete section just for
videos. And the cool part is this section isn’t nearly as
competitive as many of the others so you can get some
extra traffic to almost any video you create. So long
as it’s good. But of course I’m just going to take for
granted that you’re creating good stuff ;)

6. Include your URL in the “About” section of your Pinterest
It will show up directly under your photo and allows
users to quickly find out more about you.

7. As always, the biggest key to success with ANY social
media site is to be HUMAN!
Don’t make it all about business.
Social media is all about interaction. If all you’re doing is
promoting your own content, you’ve already lost the game!

Instead, follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should
be sharing OTHER people’s content, fun photos, vacation pics,
etc… While 20% of your content points back to your own

Remember, social platforms like Pinterest are
some of the best places to engage with your
community and form true relationships.

The web is going back to the mom and pop days where
relationships MATTER! People buy from those they know,
like, and trust.

And when you let people into your more human side, you will
quickly form a tribe of raving fans. Think Oprah Winfrey
and Ellen DeGeneres. Personality marketing trumps all.

Plus, it’s just a lot more fun :)

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