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In today’s business world, reviews and visibility on search engines can set your company apart from the competition. However, most companies that you compete with have likely taken all the same steps that your business has to gain an advantage, effectively leaving everyone at a stand still. But there is one underutilized tool out there that can definitely make the difference: Google+ Local.

Google+ Local is the little known about method small businesses are using to gain a competitive edge in their respective niche. As Google continues to grow and expand into nearly every facet of our online lives, it makes sense to jump on their bandwagon. They are the single most powerful entity involved with the Internet these days and any chance to join up with them should not be overlooked. It could turn out to be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made.

The History of Google+ Local

In May of 2012, Google Places effectively became Google+ Local. Google Places was the basic version of its eventual successor. It offered less options, was not as customizable and lacked the social feature. G+ Local added an entire interactive social section through G+. It also features a place for reviews and allows you to connect to other businesses in your area along with anyone who has a Gmail account. It essentially became the Facebook for small businesses. G+ Local not only merged with Places but with the entire Google-verse as well. The G+ Local results now are shown prominently in search results and on Google+. By signing up for this listing service, it will add to your company’s online visibility and hopefully ultimately, the growth of your business.

The Basics

Once you have entered in your business’s information and your business has been verified, a link will automatically show up under your business on a Google search results page.

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