Announcing the New CEO of KISSmetrics: Brian Kelly


We’ve got some big news.

Brian Kelly has joined KISSmetrics as our new CEO. We’re thrilled to have him.

Why We’re Excited to Work with Him

Brian Kelly has been on both sides of data – building it and using it.

He began his career at Teradata, analyzing customer data for retail and financial institutions. Then he built analytics tools at Intrepid and PeopleSoft. Later, he was the CEO of Quantivo, one of the first large-scale cloud-based analytics platforms. So he understands what it takes to build an analytics solution that people love.

It gets even better. Brian recently was the CMO of a successful SaaS company. As a result, he fully understands the new demands on marketing to drive more revenue. He knows that buyers have taken control of the process and that you need to understand customers and be data driven to truly optimize marketing. If you don’t know your customers and understand their behavior, you can’t create the right messages that engage them and guide them to conversion.

He understands that insights are the key to optimize marketing. Analytics must show you how to improve, not force you to spend hours sifting through a confusing mix of data hoping to find something relevant.

We built KISSmetrics for marketers, and Brian’s been there. He gets the trends of marketing and where the industry is going and the pains we all go through on a daily basis to grow our businesses.

His experience proves it. Here’s a short summary:

  • CMO of InsideView, which draws insights from data and news
  • Co-founder and CEO of Stampt, a mobile loyalty app that was acquired
  • CEO of Quantivo Corporation, which also was acquired
  • Founder and CEO of Proveer, a real-time analytics tool

Why Did He Join KISSmetrics?

Just the other day, I sat down with Brian Kelly and asked him point-blank: Why join KISSmetrics? There’s plenty of great companies out there, why us?

He said he has “always been an analytics guy and has a passion for customer analytics. KISSmetrics has a people-first approach and shows marketers how to improve.” He just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join us.

“Having just been a CMO, I learned firsthand that marketing analytics hasn’t evolved with the market shifts. There are huge gaps in the current analytics products, and KISSmetrics is filling the gaps. KISSmetrics is already a strong thought leader and is poised to disrupt this market.”

Then he went on to tell me that he wants to be part of a great team. KISSmetrics has great people and a great product. Coming from him, that’s a huge honor for us.

Most important in the decision was his vision for KISSmetrics. “KISSmetrics has kept true to its name by reducing the complexities of tracking and analyzing massive amounts of data to show marketers how to take action. So we’re not just presenting another pile of metrics and reports, we’re clearly highlighting ways to optimize their marketing.”

Could you do me a quick favor and help us welcome Brian Kelly to our community?

He has only a few followers on Twitter, and we think it would be a kick to flood his inbox with tweet notifications. Here’s a quick tweet you can use: Welcome to the @KISSmetrics team @bkkelly!

One of our core values is to always look for ways to improve. And we love working with the best people in our field to help us raise the bar of what’s possible. We’re thrilled to have Brian on our team and to keep pushing the limits of analytics with KISSmetrics.

From all of us at KISSmetrics, we’re looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

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