Acquisition Tactics that Actually Work: Key Takeaways from Our Latest Webinar


Earlier today, we presented a webinar, Don’t Click Here to Subscribe: Email Acquisition Tactics that Actually Work. During the hour+-long presentation, our CEO Ross Kramer shared many valuable tips and answered many questions from inquisitive retailers. 

Below are key takeaways. Be on the lookout for a link to the recording on-demand: 

  • Modal lightboxes are transformational for building email lists. They have doubled list size for some of our mid-market retailers.
  • You can use a modal lightbox with or without a promotion or discounts. Maximize its design by testing the button text and color.
  • Show any coupon codes on your  modal lightbox to keep the subscriber on your site.
  • Don’t forget about responsive design when designing your modal lightbox. 
  • With modal signup, test the idea of a free gift with purchase vs. a dollar or percentage off promotion.
  • Include the opportunity for your new subscriber to like you on Facebook on your modal signup confirmation. 
  • You can tie your modal signup to a preference center to begin gathering information to use for personalization.
  • One you’ve acquired new email addresses, it is crucial to launch a series of welcome emails. 
  • Begin merchandising personalized products in welcome series emails to engage new subscribers early and often. 
  • Welcome series emails should drive more than 20% of your email marketing revenue. 
  • A welcome SERIES of emails is essential. A single email is simply not enough.
  • With welcome series emails, stress scarcity of your welcome offer as latency increases. 
  • A bonus benefit of welcome series emails is deliverability, as they have some of the highest engagement rates of any email campaign.
  • Be aware of the average number of days it takes for you to convert new email subscribers. Measure, focus on and improve that number.
  • Another bonus benefit of the lightbox modal is the increased reachable rate of your shopping cart abandonment program.
  • If a modal lightbox is not appropriate for your brand, try running a sweepstakes offer on the right rail of your website homepage to increase list size. 
  • Keep in mind that choosing the right prize for your sweepstakes is important in order to acquire the right subscribers who will want to remain engaged with your brand. 
  • Consider partnering with similar but non-competing brands to optimize sweepstakes signups.
  • While not as effective as a modal lightbox or sweepstakes, social acquistion tactics, such as Twitter Lead Generation Cards, should still be considered.
  • Brick and mortar stores are one of your best acquisition sources. We recommend offering e-receipts as a way of gathering email signups.
  •  We also recommend that you grab email addresses online as shoppers enter the checkout process. If it applies to you„ remember to get express consent to be CASL-compliant.
  • The Back in Stock Alert is another great acquisition tactic and it also turns a potentially bad experience into a positive one. 
  • Remember, there are only a few good acquisition tactics, so make the most of them. Engage your new subscribers early and often and measure, test and repeat. 

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