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Alexander The Great Was A Student of Persuasion

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So, what would one of the greatest rulers of all time have taken on his campaigns to win the hearts and minds of his vast empire?
Rhetoric, as taught to him by his famed teacher Aristotle.
Alexander the Great used war pigeons to communicate with his armies, and these three secret weapons of persuasion to win his arguments and become one of the most-studied conquerors in history:

Ethos — Selling yourself: This is the first step of establishing your credibility as an online publisher. Someone who is an expert in their field or simply exhibits a vast amount of knowledge on a subject is considered trustworthy (you have perceived intelligence, reliability, and authority). As a content marketer, job one is becoming the likable expert in your field in order create valued content that people click and share. Killer content builds your credibility over time.

Pathos — Swaying emotions: Often achieved with metaphors, storytelling, or evoking strong emotions from your audience. Seen as the earliest breakdown of human psychology. When your readers are swayed by your powers of storytelling they are more likely to opt-in to your email list to deepen the conversation. This gives content
marketers permission to offer even more valuable content, make offers, tell more stories, and share products and services with them to improve their lives. Just beware — Pathos without its companions Ethos and Logos can quickly degenerate into cheap hype.

••Logos — Advancing your argument through solid reasoning: Includes use of statistics, logic or specificity. Examples are often drawn from history (see above), mythology or hypothetical situations to create conclusions. Also deductive reasoning lets the audience solve the puzzle for themselves by simply providing all the pieces. Cookie content that establishes a relationship of trust with your audience is built on the value of your expertise. Often this comes in the form of social proof, testimonials, and lots of good ol’ bullets that nail down the benefits of your offer.
Was Aristotle the father of modern marketing? Perhaps. But he was also the progenitor of the modern political argument that has shaped much of the world as we know it.

Source: Email Marketing: How To Push Send And Grow Your Business


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